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  • These Engineers are Bringing Canadian Innovation to the Smart Grid

    Electricity usage fluctuates throughout the day, with significant spikes in both the morning and early evening. These fluctuations cause huge issues for utilities as they are forced to run more power plants in order to meet increased demand. Three Canadian entrepreneurs look to solve those challenges, and help consumers save money in the process. Recent

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  • New Brunswick: Leading the Smart Grid Initiative

    NB Power is the provincial power utility for the province of New Brunswick. In existence for almost 100 years, it is mandated through provincial legislation to provide a reliable supply of electricity to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers at low and stable rates. By 2020, the utility is expected to have 40 percent of

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  • SimpTek: Bringing New Brunswick’s Innovation Power to the Smart Grid

    Faced with aging infrastructure, electrical utilities are increasingly looking into smart grid technology to enhance and control their grids, and to get a better handle on load management. Smart grid projects, however, only work efficiently with participation from end customers. Utilities are also spending money on traditional campaigns that often show no significant amount of

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