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  • New Brunswick Private and Public Sectors Collaborate on Big Data Project

    In 2012, entrepreneur Phillip Curley stepped outside during a startup event in Fredericton. Looking at a parking meter he had an idea; he would make downtown parking stress-free. The result was a new company, and the launch of HotSpot Parking’s mobile app. Curley and his team next recognized a parking-related challenge for retailers; small businesses in the downtown core had little

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  • How this Startup is Revolutionizing Municipal Data Collection

    Coady Cameron was in his fourth year of Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) when he came up with an idea. He was learning how municipalities across the continent collected infrastructure data — with expensive vans carrying expensive equipment. Cameron asked why that data couldn’t be collected with the device in his (and everyone else’s) back pocket

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  • The Mobile Marketplace: C-Suite Insights from a Serial Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Kelly Lawson, founder and CEO of Canadian startup Ella, says her first experience with the ‘sharing economy’ came in the early 1990s when she and her girlfriends would open their closets to each other. “There was a level of excitement that came with that; more variety, more options, less spending, increased self-confidence, and plenty of

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  • Ignore the Mobile Economy at Your Peril

    It’s a mobile economy. Access to information and convenience of the customer is driving business. Many brands are still missing the mark and either forgoing a mobile strategy or implementing mobile as the last step in their process. A more innovative method is approaching your mobile strategy first. There is one region that has taken

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