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  • New Brunswick Export Success Stories: ADI Systems

    Earlier this month, the annual New Brunswick Export Awards recognized those New Brunswick companies that have achieved recent and/or ongoing success in developing new markets. Opportunities NB (ONB) wanted to pick the brains of some of those award-winning companies, and find out more about their export success. In a world where business is increasingly aware of the

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  • Why UK Comedian James Mullinger Now Calls New Brunswick Home

    New Brunswick

    In previous posts looking at people coming to New Brunswick in search of career opportunities and a better work-life balance, we’ve focused mainly on the ICT sector. Today, we take a different route and connect with UK comedian James Mullinger to learn why he and his British magazine publishing powerhouse wife chose to move to Canada, and

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  • Cybersecurity: An Emerging Cluster in New Brunswick

    Something is happening in New Brunswick. This strategically-located province is positioned to successfully manage operations in Europe and the North American West Coast simultaneously, but there is something else going on. There is significant work occurring that industry leaders and the C-suite should be watching closely. One area of note is the cybersecurity cluster that

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  • How to Practice Thought Leadership in Cybersecurity

    Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in articles outlining the worst cybersecurity breaches of the past few years. It’s an unfortunate reality that these types of posts do capture issues faced by information security professionals globally. We all have our work cut out for us for the foreseeable future. It’s not all doom

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  • Innovation and Export Success in New Brunswick: Malley Industries

    Earlier this month, the annual New Brunswick Export Awards recognized New Brunswick companies that have achieved recent and/or ongoing success in developing new markets and expanding their reach. Opportunities NB (ONB) wanted to pick the brains of those award-winning companies and get to the bottom of their export success. Dieppe-based Malley Industries took home this year’s

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  • Award-Winning C-Suite Members Congregate in New Brunswick

    Technological innovation and the province of New Brunswick seem to go hand-in-hand. In the below infographic, Opportunities New Brunswick has highlighted just some of the province’s award-winning ICT C-Suite members. Want to learn more about New Brunswick’s exciting ICT industry and how you can expand and grow your business in New Brunswick? Be sure to click

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  • C-Suite Insights: Leadership is Changing and You Should Too

    Times are changing. People – leadership and employees alike- are looking at the workplace differently. We caught up with Sean Aiken, who successfully held a different job for one week over 52-weeks. Intended to help you find your passion The One Week Job Project is an innovative way for employers and employees to discover what matters

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  • Shel Israel: How Technology Is Changing the Buyer-Seller Relationship


    Are you ready? Is your company ready? Technology is drastically changing the buyer-seller relationship and your survival could depend on how proactive your business is. We caught up with Shel Israel, co-author of The Age of Context to get an update on how technology has developed in the time since the book’s release. ONB: First off, what

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  • 17 Reasons Why Innovative Global Companies Choose New Brunswick

    Want to grow your business? Explore New Brunswick, and the reasons to grow, expand or locate your business in this award-winning jurisdiction with the help of the below infographic. In it we’ve collected just some of the notable awards and distinctions attained by New Brunswick’s three largest urban centres; Saint John, Moncton, and the capital

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