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  • New Brunswick Export Success Stories: Covered Bridge Potato Chips

    From the heart of potato country, a family-owned farm, whose beginning dates back to the early 1920s, is currently offering one of the Atlantic Canada’s tastiest exports to the world. Covered Bridge Potato Chips, a product of Albright Farms, has seen tremendous success both domestically and abroad despite only launching in 2009. The company’s old-fashioned kettle chips

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  • How Innovation is at The Root of Investment Attraction


    In our current global-based economic environment – innovation is what sets us apart and makes us attractive to the outside world. Innovation is a global game, and we need to ensure we are ready to play at the highest level. The attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI), and the development of export opportunities are necessary

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  • New Brunswick: Your Entrepreneurial Destination

    Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the province of New Brunswick. On top of being home to the most entrepreneurial university in Canada, the province also hosts a number of organizations focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve their dreams. One of those organizations, Fredericton’s Planet Hatch, recently announced a new initiative to attract more entrepreneurs

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  • New Brunswick: Where Entrepreneurship is in Fashion

    It’s estimated that one in five Canadians will at some point in their life develop some type of mental health challenge. Two young New Brunswick entrepreneurs found themselves in exactly that situation, and it led to a new idea. Kayley Reed and Kyle MacNevin are co-founders of a new fashion brand—Wear Your Label—that seeks to create conversations

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  • How One Couple Engineered Their New Brunswick Success Story

    Green Imaging Technologies (GIT) specializes in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) solutions for special core analysis in the petroleum sector. Their software is used to measure valuable rock and fluid properties to help oil and gas companies make critical exploration and production decisions. Jill Green, Co-Founder and CEO, is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick (UNB)

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  • New Brunswick Export Success Stories: Bonté Foods

    In June, the 2015 Export Awards recognized New Brunswick companies achieving recent or ongoing success in developing new markets and expanding their reach. Opportunities NB (ONB) wanted to check in with of some of those award-winning companies, and get to the bottom of their export success. Dieppe’s Bonté Foods Limited is a manufacturer of over 300 food products. Producing food under the Bonté

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  • The Big Lie About Finding and Keeping Fiercely Loyal Employees – Part 2

    In this two-part series, Opportunities NB (ONB) sat down with Dov Baron, named one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers by Inc. Magazine, to talk about his latest book Fiercely Loyal. In part one of our interview, Baron offered great insight into why millennials think differently than baby boomers or even many Generation X employees. He also introduced the

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  • The Big Lie About Finding and Keeping Fiercely Loyal Employees – Part 1

    In his latest book, Fiercely Loyal, Dov Baron struck a chord. With a wonderful array of real examples and relevant research, Baron demonstrates the way we have been managing for years is no longer the recipe for success. This is particularly true if you want to find and keep what you hope are fiercely loyal employees.

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  • There is No Place Like Home When it Comes to New Brunswick

    New Brunswick

    You know those famous lyrics “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?” Well that’s exactly what Kelly L. Buffett discovered after leaving New Brunswick nine years ago. She really did discover there is no place like home, and has since returned to New Brunswick to set up a law practice in Fredericton. In

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