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  • How to Have a Real Work-Life Balance

    Work Life Balance

    Long commutes, expensive housing and the high cost of living can really play havoc on one’s ability to find or even attempt to have a desirable work-life balance. What if there was a way for your business to grow and to help your employees have that balance? In today’s post, Opportunities NB (ONB) chats with Martyn

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  • From the US to Europe to the Ultimate Relocation: New Brunswick

    New Brunswick

    Sometimes you have to try on a few places before you can find the ultimate place to build your career and life. That was certainly the case for Ryan Strynatka, VP of Product Marketing and Chief Adoption Officer at Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Radian6). After living the bi-coastal experience in the United States, and some time

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  • Is Your Business Located Where People Want You to Succeed?

    Businesses, or more specifically the people who own businesses, want to succeed. They want a return for shareholders. They also want to see a business thrive for its employees. Regardless of the reason, some geographic locations are just more conducive to driving successful businesses. Adams Green provides part-time or temporary accounting and management services to companies wishing

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  • Why Location Matters When Starting a Business: A Chat with Sentinel Systems

    We all strive to have that perfect work-life balance. With competitive environments only becoming more competitive, our workdays are getting longer and longer and our commutes only add to that long day. On top of that, trying to run a business and find time to get away to relax and re-energize is nearly impossible for

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  • ONB Case Study: McCain Foods

    Florenceville’s McCain Foods produces a wide variety of high-quality food products, exports those products globally, and has a well-established presence and long history in the Province of New Brunswick. The company employs approximately 1,300 people in New Brunswick operating out of several food production and R&D facilities in both the Florenceville-Bristol area, as well as in

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  • The 6 Key Secrets to T4G’s Success

    We all look to successful companies and try to learn from them. What do they do well? How can we emulate them? In an effort to learn from successful New Brunswick-based companies, Opportunities NB (ONB) met with Cathy Simpson, T4G’s Vice President – Public Sector in Saint John, to discuss their secrets to success. While they have many, Cathy

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  • Dragons, Beards, and Ginger Ale: In Conversation With Entrepreneur Matt White

    Beards have become an increasingly popular facial hair choice for men in recent years. New Brunswick entrepreneur Matt White, a beard owner of 30 years, feels there’s been a renaissance of men looking after themselves. He has turned his own beard grooming habits into a successful business. White took an idea for a beard oil

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  • How to Naturally Differentiate Yourself from Competitors


    As a member of the C-suite you often task yourself and your team with differentiating your brand, product and/or service from that of your competition. Have you ever considered that your natural attributes and innate skills and abilities are the ones that naturally differentiate you from your competitors? If you haven’t you will want to

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  • From the C-Suite: Learn the Story Behind Innovatia’s Success

    You know from the get-go when you sit down with someone who easily commands a room and uses a phrase like “we are customer maniacs” that the conversation will be great. That’s exactly what happened when Opportunities NB (ONB) caught up with the dynamic and charismatic co-CEO of Innovatia, and Chair of our own Board of Directors,

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