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  • 15 Insurance Industry Influencers to Follow on Twitter

    Communicating & engaging with stakeholders in the insurance industry has become more important than ever. So, to coincide with this week’s National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) taking place in Montreal, Opportunities NB (ONB) presents the below infographic highlighting some of our favorite insurance industry influencers, including IBC President Don Forgeron. Want to keep up

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  • 8 Reasons National Insurance Companies Choose New Brunswick

    With the National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) taking place in Montreal this week, Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) would like to highlight eight reasons national insurance companies choose New Brunswick. From the low cost of doing business, to the great quality of life, the Province of New Brunswick is a hub of activity for the insurance sector. Find

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  • The State of Canadian Insurance: IBC President Don Forgeron Weighs In

    The National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) – Where Industry Leaders Meet, kicks off again this week in Montreal, Quebec. This year’s event will feature discussions on everything from cyber attacks, severe weather and climate change, auto insurance, and flood insurance programs. With New Brunswick a hub of insurance sector activity, Opportunities NB (ONB) thought it would be a good

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  • Taking the Road Less Traveled: Another Side of Entrepreneurship


    Corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship are important components of how communities and business communities grow and thrive. However, it takes special characteristics for an individual to run a not-for-profit organization. When you think of those characteristics you might liken it to an entrepreneur on steroids. It really takes a special breed of entrepreneurial spirit

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  • How to Make People Line Up to Come Work With You: Choose New Brunswick

    We all know the real estate mantra – “location, location, location!” It’s what matters most. Choosing the right location results in attracting and retaining top-notch talent, happier and more productive employees, an innovative work environment, and more. That’s exactly what we confirmed when we caught up with Mike Bolton, Director, Service & Sales at Tangerine

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