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Category: Cybersecurity

  • 15 Cybersecurity Leaders to Follow on Twitter

    Did you know that cyber-attack fallout could impact the global economy by approximately $3 trillion by 2020? With stats like that, and with New Brunswick positioned as the Cybersecurity Epicentre of Canada, Opportunities NB (ONB) keeps an increasingly close eye on industry news. Earlier this summer—with input from New Brunswick cybersecurity leaders Sandy Bird of IBM, and

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  • How Canada Is Creating Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Leaders

    October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the time of year when a lot of people settle back into our routines. For many of us that includes continued education in some manner. Fortunately, I was able to spend time this summer combining education and cybersecurity pursuits. I’d like to offer a ‘What I did on my summer vacation’ report

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  • New Brunswick’s CyberLaunch Academy is Open for Business

    It is expected that over the next decade, high-skilled occupations—already representing over 60% of total employment in Canada—will grow by 70 percent, increasing the already fierce competition for skilled labour. With the fast pace of growth of Canada’s technology industries, the Province of New Brunswick will need to rely on internal labour resources to fulfill the

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  • Three Ds That Will Define Cybercrime for the Rest of the Decade

    There is both a massive increase and a fundamental shift in global cybercrime underway that will inflict hundreds of billions of dollars in losses over the next four years. The shift comes as criminal return on investment (cROI) drops from attacking big banks as they evolve to deal with modern, organized cybercrime. As sophisticated criminal groups diversify

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  • The Five Cs That Kill Cybersecurity Programs

    2015 was an abysmal year for cybersecurity, with a record number of data breaches, exploits, and major increases in organized criminal activity. And all signs point to the rest of 2016 not being much better. But why is that? Why is it that the world is spending more on cybersecurity and losses continue to far

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  • GLI Chooses Canada’s Cybersecurity Epicentre for Investment

    With its world-class communications infrastructure, the province of New Brunswick has managed to attract investment from a number of global IT companies in recent years. One such company, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®), has seen tremendous growth in multiple divisions of its business from their Moncton location. Earlier this year the company announced it was expanding its existing

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  • Tackling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    The cybersecurity breach headlines are nonstop. The amount and types of data and infrastructure impacted continues to increase. Organizations of all types have tuned in and are turning up the search for help. This has led to an increasing skills gap. This gap isn’t necessarily new—in 2010 the Center for Strategic & International Studies noted

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  • Why a Decline in Cyber Attacks on Banks is Bad News for Everyone Else

    There were three canaries in the cybersecurity coal mine recently, all three signalling a rise in the tide of threats for every sector outside of banking and finance, which have actually seen their attacks decline. The first of these three critical reports saw the Anti-Phishing Reporting Group note a record-breaking 250% increase in phishing activities between October 2015

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  • 12 Great Cybersecurity Resources To Help Protect Your Business


    Did you know that cyber-attack fallout could cost the global economy $3 trillion by 2020? With cybersecurity a huge focus for Opportunities NB (ONB) and the province of New Brunswick, we decided to curate a list of cybersecurity resources we think you can leverage to help protect yourself and your business. You don’t want to

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