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Category: Cybersecurity

  • New Brunswick’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem Grows Again with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories


    Cybersecurity is one of the most significant societal and economic issues of our time. Canada’s economy is absolutely dependent upon a safe and resilient internet. Every day, Canadian citizens leverage critical infrastructure assets, such as electricity to run their businesses, homes and families. Today, New Brunswick’s ecosystem just expanded with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) announcing a

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  • Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity Launched

    [This post originally appeared in January. It is being republished today due to Dr Ali Ghorbani’s Startup Canada Award Senior Entrepreneur Award win last Thursday.] The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, an innovative hub for research, training and industry collaboration, opens at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) today with more than $4.5 million in funding

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  • New Accelerator to Help New Brunswick Lead in Cybersecurity and Smart Grid

    [This post originally appeared in December 2016. It is being republished today due to Dr Dhirendra Shukla’s Startup Canada Entrepreneur Promotion Award win last Thursday. The Energia Ventures accelerator is an example of Dr Shukla’s many efforts to advance New Brunswick entrepreneurship.] The University of New Brunswick (UNB) has already been recognized as the most entrepreneurial

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  • New Brunswick’s Defence Industry: A Primer

    [Representatives from ONB/CyberNB are at DEFSEC Atlantic in Halifax this week. Timed with the event, we are republishing a look at New Brunswick’s Defence sector.] The province of New Brunswick is a prime location for the manufacturing of land vehicles, simulation and training, and cybersecurity. New Brunswick has the research capabilities, the infrastructure, and the

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  • Four Upcoming Cybersecurity Books We Can’t Wait to Read

    [It’s Student Week on the ONB Blog! Sadly, we must say goodbye to our summer co-op students this week. Timed with the wrap-up of their ONB tenure, all of this week’s content comes from our students.] The CyberNB team is constantly on the lookout for great cybersecurity resources to share with you. With hacking and ransomware

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  • Four Reasons You Should Have Cybersecurity Insurance

    Do you have insurance on your house? Of course you do. So, the question is why wouldn’t you protect your business – your source of income – the same way you protect your home? Cybersecurity insurance won’t stop a breach. It will, however, help raise awareness and cover damages, should you be attacked. Small or medium-sized

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  • Canada’s First Cybersecurity Workforce Development Summit: A Student’s Perspective

    As an ONB/CyberNB Co-op student, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever CyberSmart Summit in May. The summit brought together industry, government, and academia to initiate a workforce development strategy for the Canadian cybersecurity sector. The event was a success, with over 300 attendees and two days of intriguing sessions and keynotes. I left

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  • What Your Business Doesn’t Know About Cybercrime Will Hurt You

    Cybersecurity, Small Business, cybercrime

    Cybercrime isn’t going away. In fact, it continues to grow. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime will cost the world in excess of $6 trillion annually by 2021. If that number doesn’t alarm you, the fact that 43% of attacks are focused on small business, and that 60% of small businesses attacked go out of business

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  • CyberNB Case Study: The CyberSmart 2017 Summit

    With the launch of CyberSmart, via CyberNB, New Brunswick is taking bold steps towards mitigating Canada’s cybersecurity skills and workforce development challenges. We are excited to leverage partnerships with industry, government, and academia to facilitate the building of a pan-Canadian strategy. In May, ONB/CyberNB hosted Canada’s first Cybersecurity Summit. The CyberSmart 2017 Summit focused on the creation of a national skills

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