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New Brunswick’s Defence Industry: A Primer

[Representatives from ONB/CyberNB are at DEFSEC Atlantic in Halifax this week. Timed with the event, we are republishing a look at New Brunswick’s Defence sector.]

The province of New Brunswick is a prime location for the manufacturing of land vehicles, simulation and training, and cybersecurity. New Brunswick has the research capabilities, the infrastructure, and the existing partnership support among academia, industry, and the military. This tri-level collaboration provides partners with ready access to research & development support, skilled suppliers, specialized labour, market intelligence, and support from all levels of government.

Many of the skilled military resources from 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown remain after serving to find a career in the private sector — becoming part of our available, capable, and experienced work-ready labour force.

Certified Military-Experienced Companies

Certified companies with International Trade in Armaments Regulations (ITAR) approved facilities are available to work as part of your supply chain on sensitive defence projects.

Op AthenaNew Brunswick companies have experience in assembly, fabrication, total system integration, and the refurbishment of both military and commercial vehicles including:

  • Leopard Tanks
  • Wisent 2
  • Buffalo, Bison, Stryker, M113, LAV3 vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire and Police vehicles


New Brunswick is Canada’s first province to launch a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. As the Canadian epicentre and a world leader in mitigating global cyber risks and threats, CyberNB and the New Brunswick ecosystem members are executing a deliberate action plan to build upon our world-class industry cluster.

New Brunswick is collaborating with national and international partners to realize the goals of CyberNB, which include:

  1. Leveraging industry partnerships to further grow our existing world-class ecosystem;
  2. Collaborating with industry, academia, and government to create a pan-Canadian Workforce Development Strategy. This strategy took a significant leap forward with Canada’s first ever Workforce Development Summit, CyberSmart, this past May; and
  3. Launching Cyber Essentials Canada, a set of standards and best practices for small and medium-sized enterprises to mitigate up to 80% of common internet threats. Cyber Essentials Canada can also be leveraged by large enterprises to monitor and protect their supply chains.

Good Company

New Brunswick is already the choice for many companies including Bluedrop Performance Learning, ING Robotic Aviation, Industrial Rubber, DEW Engineering, CAE, FFG Canada, Apex Industries, IBM, Bulletproof, Forcepoint, and Sentrant.

A Profitable Location

New Brunswick was recently named the lowest business cost location in Canada and the U.S. in KPMG’s 2016 Competitive Alternatives study on featured cities. On average, New Brunswick cities have an 18% operating cost advantage over the G7 countries average.

General labour costs are the most competitive in Canada and the United States – 33 per cent lower than the U.S., 8 per cent lower than the rest of Canada and 21 per cent lower than the G7 average.

Don’t Take it From Us

“Overhead costs and salaries are competitive with most jurisdictions. Land, however, is very affordable, so that helps tremendously. What I’ve found though is that the people are fantastic — that’s the biggest selling point.” — Ian Marsh, President, DEW Engineering

“New Brunswick has a lot of open space, which is perfect for testing a large land vehicle. And of course, CFB Gagetown is right here in New Brunswick about three hours away. It’s a key player in New Brunswick’s economy and one of the province’s largest employers. We’re confident that land systems have a promising future here in this province.” Blaine Kyle, Production Manager, FFG Canada

To make the best tactical decision on your next defence investment, and for business expansion assistance, connect with an ONB Business Development Executive at the button below.

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