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Why New Brunswick is the Choice for Business Services

The business services industry had its beginnings in New Brunswick more than 25 years ago when an available, skilled and bilingual workforce was leveraged by the provincial government to attract global companies such as IBM, Xerox, ExxonMobil, Purolator, and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Opportunities NB (ONB) would like to highlight the competitive advantages of establishing a business services centre in the province of New Brunswick.

Additionally, in the below image you’ll find a couple of notable numbers surrounding New Brunswick’s existing business services sector.*


  • KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016 found New Brunswick cities (Moncton and Fredericton to be specific) to be the lowest business cost locations in Canada and the U.S., among featured cities.
  • The average job tenure for workers in New Brunswick is over nine years, the highest average tenure in Canada (2015).
  • Facility leasing costs are 25% lower on average when compared to the U.S. average (KPMG 2016).
  • Legislated benefits in New Brunswick are 57.66% lower than the United States average (KPMG 2016).
  • There are no mandated health insurance premiums on payroll in New Brunswick as health costs are paid out of general government revenues.
  • Financial incentives to help you set up and grow in New Brunswick; tailor-made to suit your needs.

Don’t Take it From Us

We have a large and still growing French-speaking customer base. We needed a place where we could offer a great French and English experience for our customers; all of our research pointed us at New Brunswick.” — Peter Aceto, Former CEO, Tangerine Bank

Gregg Saretsky“We have always taken our responsibility to provide our signature friendly, caring and stress-free service in both of Canada’s official languages seriously. A second centre based in Canada’s only officially bilingual province, in a city known as a centre of excellence for contact centres, will allow us to provide additional hours of service for our French-speaking guests.” — Gregg Saretsky, President and CEO, WestJet

New Brunswick offered everything UPS was looking for, including an educated workforce. This province has a strong community college network and some outstanding universities, so having a well-educated workforce was the big draw. Having a bilingual workforce was also huge given the fact that we service all of Canada.” — Tammy Bilodeau, Director of Customs Brokerage, United Parcel Service

For nearly three decades, our highly-skilled bilingual workforce, competitive business costs, cultural affinity, and countless other factors have continued to attract Business Services to New Brunswick. Want to learn more? Connect with an ONB Business Development Executive at the button below.

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*All numbers are as of January 2017.