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New Brunswick’s Defence Industry: A Primer

Did you know that New Brunswick is a prime location for the manufacturing of land vehicles systems, simulation and training, and cybersecurity?

New Brunswick has the research capabilities, the infrastructure, and the existing partnership support among academia, industry, and the military. This tri-level collaboration provides partners with ready access to research & development support, skilled suppliers, specialized labour, market intelligence, and support from all levels of government.

Many of the skilled military resources from 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown remain after serving to find a career in the private sector — becoming part of our available, capable, and experience work-ready labour force.

Certified Military-Experienced Companies

Certified companies with International Trade in Armaments Regulations (ITAR) approved facilities are available to work as part of your supply chain on sensitive defence projects.

Op AthenaNew Brunswick companies have experience in assembly, fabrication, total system integration, and the refurbishment of both military and commercial vehicles including:

  • Leopard Tanks
  • Buffalo, Bison, Stryker, M113, LAV3 vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire and Police vehicles


The University of New Brunswick (UNB) is home to the Information Security Centre of Excellence (ISCX) which is poised to become recognized as one of the country’s leading institutions in the arena of cybersecurity.

Good Company

New Brunswick is already the choice for many companies including Bluedrop Performance Learning, ING Robotic Aviation, Industrial Rubber, DEW Engineering, CAE, FFG, Cormer Defense, Apex Industries, IBM, Bulletproof Solutions, and Sentrant.

A Profitable Location

With payroll-mandated benefits of 26 percent (manufacturing) and 20 percent (ICT) lower than in the United States, New Brunswick has unsurpassed cost advantages.

Don’t Take it From Us

New Brunswick has something that most other provinces don’t have: a very clear strategy of where they want to go and what they want to do with a major focus on Aerospace and Defence. Opportunities NB has and continues to work very hard to make things happen for not only Cormer but the entire Aerospace and Defence Sector, which is one of the reasons why Cormer chose to do business in New Brunswick.” – Leo Sousa, President, Cormer Defense

Be sure to join us back here on Friday to learn more about Canada’s second largest military base, New Brunswick’s 5CDSB Gagetown, from our friend retired Lieutenant-General Lou Cuppens.

To make the best tactical decision on your next defence investment, and for business expansion assistance, connect with an ONB Business Development Executive at the button below.

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