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New Brunswick Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dr. Jason Fortier

Forbes, in their 2012 article The Real Definition of Entrepreneur —And Why It Matters got it right when it said that the economy needs all kinds of entrepreneurs. It’s about having a strong and vibrant ecosystem that supports and enables innovation, engagement, and growth. We believe New Brunswick offers just that type of ecosystem, and today we profile New Brunswick entrepreneur Dr. Jason Fortier of Uptown Chiropractic.

Setting up a practice is one thing, but developing a practice into a unique family-oriented wellness centre is another. This takes entrepreneurship, and Dr. Jason and his wife/business partner, Dr. Kelly, have achieved this.

ONB: Your practice takes a very dynamic approach to chiropractic care, it’s more about wellness and prevention versus reactive therapy. Why is that?

Dr. Fortier: What I’ve realized over my years in practice is that a healthy spine is very important to your overall health and not just for symptom relief. Getting people out of pain and helping them with their health challenges is great, but keeping them healthy long term is truly awesome.

ONB: You moved to New Brunswick, what brought you here?


Dr. Fortier: My wife Kelly completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and fell in love with Fredericton. I am from southern Ontario and Kelly’s from Nova Scotia. We met at chiropractic school in Toronto and figured out quickly that we were madly in love, and should start planning where we would like to live. The great thing is we had the choice to go wherever we pleased and set up a chiropractic practice together. She suggested we tour Fredericton as a potential place to live on one of our summer breaks – I was literally convinced within 10 minutes of entering the city. The river, a nice downtown area with lots of culture and restaurants, beautiful scenery and parks, clean, not too big, not too small, the list goes on. We have been here almost seven years now.

ONB: So you are both chiropractors in town, tell us a bit more about the business.

Dr. Fortier: We both practice and own Uptown Chiropractic with an amazing team. We specialize in family health and wellness, so lots of kids, moms, and dads. I really enjoy helping kids with health concerns like colic, ear infections, constipation, ADHD, headaches, anxiety; or simply just to check their spine and nerve function regularly to in order to keep them at their best. Chiropractic is usually known for helping with neck pain, back pain and headaches, but it’s cool to see what a healthy spine does for a child’s overall health – very rewarding!

ONB: With your focus on health and wellness, living in New Brunswick must give you ample opportunities to have outdoor exercise as a focal point of a solid work-life balance. Would that be accurate?

Dr. Fortier: There is such an awesome mix of access to hiking trails, parks, lakes, oceans and more; yes that would be accurate.

ONB: Despite being a smaller province, there is something unique happening in New Brunswick in terms of a real entrepreneurial spirit, would you agree?

Dr. Fortier: There are lots of entrepreneurs, local businesses and initiatives – it’s really second to none in this department. I enjoy supporting local and being able to invest in fellow community members. It’s easy to connect with people here in New Brunswick, I feel like people don’t have their guard up and tend to have less mental stress living here, although we could always reduce our stress loads even more. I would like to see a healthier New Brunswick – I’m doing my best to help us along.

ONB: Family and community are important to you, so how has the New Brunswick community embraced you and your family?

Dr. Fortier: For me family comes first; it always has and always will. Kelly and I are excited to have started our own little family. We have a two-year-old daughter and we hope to have a few more kids very soon. We are looking to add more Fortiers to the New Brunswick family as my parents are planning on moving here very soon, and my younger brother and his wife may potentially join us as well.

In terms of the community – we’ve always felt at home, it started with nice neighbours, patients who went out of their way to make us feel special. Kelly has a few sets of aunts and uncles here and they were very generous and helpful as well! Playing sports, coaching basketball, being involved in community events really helps. I’ve really noticed that once you invest your resources in your community, they invest back in you.

Entrepreneurship and innovation go hand-in-hand. There is a reason why companies like Salesforce.com and IBM have discovered New Brunswick, and increased their footprint through the acquisition of New Brunswick companies. If you’d like to grow your business in New Brunswick, click the button below to connect with one of our Business Development Executives.

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Cover image via Uptown Chiropractic.