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The Hotbed of Innovation Everyone Is Talking About

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Canada’s first English language university, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) continues to be nationally recognized for its role in New Brunswick’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and its innovation.Opportunities NB Blog, Innovation One of its many accolades comes from the start-up community and specifically the Startup Canada Awards. Named the most entrepreneurial post-secondary institution in Canada, there is good reason for that. Thanks to investment and support from government, non-profit, and community partners, UNB has launched 10 startups in the last three years and has 12 more in the development stage.

Over the years, the University has garnered attention and taken its place as a world leader in a multitude of disciplines. Its list of accomplishments is long, but here is a snapshot:

  • Oldest English language university in Canada and some argue the oldest in North America;
  • First Computer Science Faculty in Canada;
  • First English Language medical school in New Brunswick;
  • Its Planetary Space Science Centre is the only NASA-supported planetary imaging facility in Canada;
  • The MRI Research Centre is one of the largest and best known material science magnetic resonance imaging labs in the world;
  • Google Earth uses technology developed by UNB’s Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Researchers;
  • One of the first prosthetic control systems in the world was created at UNB by Dr. Robert Scott and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering is one of the best in the world;
  • More than 177 patents have been filed covering 67 different technologies since 2000;
  • More than 18 startups have emerged from UNB since 2000 and 12 more are in the development stage; and
  • Engineering has been taught for more than 160 years at UNB.

The role that UNB plays in the province’s ecosystem is critical and working in a collaborative environment is paying off. The nature of academia is changing to focus on entrepreneurial endeavours that support startups to large-scale businesses and multinationals. To support this effort, the university has institutes like the Pond-Deshpande Centre and Wallace McCain Institute, as well as focused programs within the Business Faculty such as the International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre that manages the Export Partnering Program and the Activator Program.

Finally the Centre for Financial Studies manages the award-winning Student Investment Fund and the Futures Atlantic Symposium. All of these programs and centres are contributing to a vibrant hotbed of innovation. When you combine the University’s work and efforts within the ecosystem with players like Planet Hatch, Propel ICT, Ignite Fredericton, Enterprise Saint John and 3+ Corporation and the province’s other universities and colleges, it is no wonder that there are significant entrepreneurial and innovative solutions emerging from New Brunswick.

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