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  • How New Brunswick is Advancing the Cybersecurity Agenda


    Cybersecurity risk management and mitigation is at the forefront of discussions in boardrooms globally. With an estimated annual burden of up to $1.7 trillion resulting from data loss and downtime (often from security violations), both the c-suite and shareholders have called on security experts to get out in front of the risk. Researchers and research

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  • Why New Brunswick is Wired to Lead in Cybersecurity

    As a member of the c-suite, cybersecurity is increasingly top-of-mind. It’s a topic that is discussed daily at boardroom tables around the world. It’s a threat and a risk that every member of your team is trying to mitigate.  New Brunswick is building quite a network of cybersecurity experts and expertise. In fact, some would

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  • IBM: Securing the Future in New Brunswick

    Cybersecurity is at the forefront of most business discussions and planning sessions these days. Being proactive and prepared is now a staple for success. New Brunswick is taking a focused approach to cybersecurity and working with industry and academia to really push the cybersecurity agenda. Today, IBM announced that it was expanding its New Brunswick

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  • Building a Path Towards a Balanced Cybersecurity Capability

    I was reading Alice in Wonderland to my son not long ago and we came across a scene that holds a great lesson for all cybersecurity practitioners. Alice meets up with the Cheshire Cat and the following exchange takes place: ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ ‘That depends

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  • New Brunswick’s Defence Industry: A Primer

    Did you know that New Brunswick is a prime location for the manufacturing of land vehicles systems, simulation and training, and cybersecurity? New Brunswick has the research capabilities, the infrastructure, and the existing partnership support among academia, industry, and the military. This tri-level collaboration provides partners with ready access to research & development support, skilled suppliers,

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  • Year in Review: Our 10 Most Popular Posts from 2015

    Last week, we offered up a list of 10 great books for business professionals looking for new reading material over their holidays. As a companion piece, we’d like to offer a collection of our most-read blog posts from 2015. Below are our 10 most popular posts from the past calendar year. Happy reading! 1. Why UK Comedian James

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  • Ignore the Mobile Economy at Your Peril

    It’s a mobile economy. Access to information and convenience of the customer is driving business. Many brands are still missing the mark and either forgoing a mobile strategy or implementing mobile as the last step in their process. A more innovative method is approaching your mobile strategy first. There is one region that has taken

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  • Cybersecurity: An Emerging Cluster in New Brunswick

    Something is happening in New Brunswick. This strategically-located province is positioned to successfully manage operations in Europe and the North American West Coast simultaneously, but there is something else going on. There is significant work occurring that industry leaders and the C-suite should be watching closely. One area of note is the cybersecurity cluster that

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  • How to Practice Thought Leadership in Cybersecurity

    Over the past year, we’ve seen an increase in articles outlining the worst cybersecurity breaches of the past few years. It’s an unfortunate reality that these types of posts do capture issues faced by information security professionals globally. We all have our work cut out for us for the foreseeable future. It’s not all doom

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