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New Brunswick Export Award Winners: AV Group

The New Brunswick Export Awards recognizes outstanding export performance by NB-based companies in the international marketplace. The Awards aim to celebrate the business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation of businesses located in the province that have achieved either recent and/or ongoing success in developing new markets. This was a record-breaking year for submissions with a total of 30 outstanding New Brunswick companies in competition

This week, we’re introducing you to the winners of the five awards handed out on June 1st, 2015, at Moncton’s Casino NB.

The Foreign-Owned Exporter Award recognizes those foreign-owned companies who are successfully exporting New Brunswick-produced products. While their headquarters are located outside the province, their facilities here provide New Brunswickers with valuable jobs, and make a significant contribution to our economy.

Your Winner: AV Group

AV Group is a member of the Aditya Birla Group and is comprised of two New Brunswick-based mills; AV Nackawic and AV Cell. Both pulp mills are now focused on dissolving grade pulp and utilize the most advanced technology in the world. All rayon pulp produced at both locations is exported to viscose fibre manufacturers in China, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.

AV Group currently employs 730 employees directly, and many more indirectly, through its forest division. They continue to recruit chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as other graduates and skilled tradespeople either experienced or fresh from University/College. AV Group continues to make investments aimed at improving product quality and capacity.

The move from paper to the textile industry has led to long term sustainability of these mills and employment in their communities. AV Nackawic and AV Cell in Atholville employ 91 percent and 41 percent of those towns’ workforces respectively. As a true Fortune 500 company, AV Group’s net worth is estimated at over 30 billion US and operates in 27 countries.

We reached out to Krishna Khaitan, Vice President and CFO at AV Group, to comment on the company’s involvement in this year’s NB Export Awards.

ONB: As we’ve noted, this was a record-breaking year for submissions resulting in a total of 30 outstanding New Brunswick companies in competition, what prompted AV Group to apply for competition this year?

Krishna Khaitan: I would give credit to organizers for getting a record number of entries. Opportunities NB did a great job in communicating and publicizing the awards. AV Groups exports 100% of its product to Asia and I think that by sharing our export story, we can be an example and motivation for others to start and grow their business in New Brunswick. Winning an NB Export Award is matter of recognition and pride for us.

ONB: What would winning an NB Export Award mean for your business? (Note: These questions were asked before the Award winners were announced)

Krishna KhaitanFor AV Group, winning an NB Export Award means a recognition of our business and our contribution to local communities and province. Our export brings in approximately $300 million annually from overseas, and most of these dollars are spent locally in buying various input materials, services, and payroll. It is a significant contribution to local economy. An NB Export Award will also provide a better visibility of our business to the public as we operate in an industry not well known to many people. We are in textile market and NOT in the paper market.

Our congratulations to Krishna and the team at AV Group on their award win.

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