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  • Cognition and The Future of Security: A Chat With IBM Security’s CTO


    On October 20th, Opportunities NB (ONB) hosted a conversation with Sandy Bird, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM’s Security Systems Division, titled Cognition and the Future of Security.  Built upon security intelligence, cognitive solutions generate not just answers, but hypotheses, evidence-based reasoning, and recommendations for improved decision making in real time. As a result, cognitive security

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  • Cybersecurity: The Unforeseen Impact of Unforeseen Risk


    In September 2016, Yahoo “achieved” a new distinction: the single largest public data breach in human history. The numbers are astonishing, with tectonic shift-like potential implications for companies and organizations of all kinds: 500 million+ accounts affected $4.8 billion dollar Verizon acquisition in jeopardy Two years from incident start to admitted detection and public disclosure Nearly

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  • This Canadian Startup Will Automate Your Recruiting Process


    Moncton, New Brunswick’s VidCruiter offers HR departments an innovative, video-powered, automated hiring platform. The company’s interviewing solutions replace many of the repetitive tasks that occupy too much of a recruiter’s time on a daily basis. With VidCruiter’s solutions, companies can complete those redundant tasks in roughly a fifth of the time that it would take using traditional recruiting

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  • A Look at New Brunswick’s Small Businesses


      Small businesses—typically defined as those companies with under 100 employees—make up 97.9 percent of employer businesses in Canada according to statistics from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. In time for Small Business Week 2016, Opportunities NB (ONB) would like to highlight the contribution made to New Brunswick’s economy by small businesses. In the below image you’ll find

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  • 15 Cybersecurity Leaders to Follow on Twitter


    Did you know that cyber-attack fallout could impact the global economy by approximately $3 trillion by 2020? With stats like that, and with New Brunswick positioned as the Cybersecurity Epicentre of Canada, Opportunities NB (ONB) keeps an increasingly close eye on industry news. Earlier this summer—with input from New Brunswick cybersecurity leaders Sandy Bird of IBM, and

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  • New Brunswick Private and Public Sectors Collaborate on Big Data Project


    In 2012, entrepreneur Phillip Curley stepped outside during a startup event in Fredericton. Looking at a parking meter he had an idea; he would make downtown parking stress-free. The result was a new company, and the launch of HotSpot Parking’s mobile app. Curley and his team next recognized a parking-related challenge for retailers; small businesses in the downtown core had little

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  • Webinar: Preparation & Introduction to the UK/France Marketplace


    On September 29th, Opportunities NB (ONB) hosted an export webinar featuring Stephen Minall, Director and Owner of Moving Food Ltd in the UK, and Steve Denton, a consultant and expert in the French export market. Stephen Minall and Moving Food specialize in development of brands and product solutions for retail and food service companies. They have helped

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  • How Canada Is Creating Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Leaders


    October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the time of year when a lot of people settle back into our routines. For many of us that includes continued education in some manner. Fortunately, I was able to spend time this summer combining education and cybersecurity pursuits. I’d like to offer a ‘What I did on my summer vacation’ report

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  • How This Non-Profit Is Strengthening the Technology Workforce


    Opportunities in the tech sector are growing, and so is Canada’s Aboriginal population. New Brunswick’s Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) is not only training Aboriginal people to work in the tech sector, we are finding them jobs as well; both in New Brunswick’s world-class industry, and beyond. With JEDI’s October 12th Plenary Navigating the Future in ICT fast approaching, we would like

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